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Louise Bruce, South West
You are like my God, My angel, you pull me out of things i find hard to deal with.

For that i am eternally grateful.
Pawel Adamowski, South West
.Thats Superb.
Theres only one word - Professional.

Thank you very much.
Resh Rhoads, South West
Sam, thanks for the advice today brother. Much appreciated. Your a decent guy man
Stephen Winstanley, North West
Fee paid, the best £XXX i have ever spent. Happy new year to you too.
David Alamouti, South West
Thanks very much. You are good man and a great accountant! :)
Kumbi Makore, South West
All Hail Gaglani & Co!!!!!
Claudia Jonkers, South West
Dear Samir,

Soooo many thanks for your tremendous help in my new business venture.

Please do come for my grand opening.

Claudia xx
Punkaj Raval, Other
God Bless You and pray to god give you more strength and energy which helps you to do lots of good thing for others. Take care.Give my regards to girls and family.
Aneesa Port, London
The service I received from Gaglani and Co Ltd was supportive, prompt, efficient and uncomplicated. I felt comfortable leaving my company finances in Samir.s capable hands. Samir provided a personal and professional service and I was able to contact Samir when needed (even out of office hours). Overall I was impressed and very pleased with the service I received. I would recommend the company to friends and family without a second thought. Gaglani and Co Ltd was my stress relief during some stressful times..

Thanks again Samir, I look forward to working with you again in the future.
Alan Carrington, South West
Hi Samir

My apologies for not contacting you sooner but most of our time has been in hospital with my brother. We have been working the odd few hours to keep us afloat, thats why you have only received £280 at the moment. Our intention is to come back to Basingstoke Tuesday/Wednesday and work for the remainder £200 what we owe you. Once again Samir I am extremely SORRY for messing you about and express my deepest gratitude for your patience and understanding. I will Email you once again Samir to let you Know the £200 has been deposited into your account. Thank you for your help and the speed at doing our Tax returns, i can honestly say that the Service you provide is the BEST.

many Thanks,

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